Graduation time

Well, is that time of year where the students are reaching their goals, some finishing elementary school, some others high school college or university. These moments surely should be captured, so what should we prepare for? here are some ideas:

  1. Batteries, fully charged
  2. Synchronise Date and Time, if using multiple cameras
  3. Memory, make sure you’ll have enough for the event, no harm to bring extras, you might end up with a faulty memory card and this is the last thing you’d like to worry about
  4. Flashes, if shooting indoors, you might need the extra light.
  5. Tripod or monopod, if not bringing a light make sure your camera has some extra stabilisation
  6. Dress accordingly to the occasion

If shooting indoors without a flash, make sure you are using an ISO setting that provides a nice and clean image. If your camera supports ISO 6400 it doesn’t mean you can use this setting, most of the cameras provide terrible noise at this setting and this is the last problem you want to deal with especially when capturing a memorable moment. Is not that you can ask the MC or Dean to pose again for you because you realised the setting you use was not the right one.

Try to bring 2 cameras, one with a lens for a telephoto capture and another one for the close ones, with friends, try to use a flexible telephoto lens like 24-70mm for the close ones and 70-200mm for the ones further away. Try to avoid prime lenses during the ceremony, they are great when posing the graduate and his or her partner, family member of friend, but not very flexible at the time of the ceremony.

If you don’t have 2 cameras, then either bring 2 lenses,  (24-70mm and 70-200mm or equivalents) or bring at least one around the 24-70mm mark. This will provide you with the minimum flexibility for the occasion.

Well, hope this provides some ideas for your next event, have fun and enjoy.



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